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We plan your event to your specifications.

Whether you’re planning to host a small event pitting a few people or a large event with thousands of people.


The individual venues within the ZIEC form a single compact complex, where each multi-purpose venue is integrated into the site, to provide maximum flexibility and convenience.


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We are dedicated to making your event a memorable one.
Our highly trained, warm and friendly ZIEC staff is committed to the ZITF Company’s mission of delighting you with seamless service. The dedicated team, together with its professional list of reputable external service providers, are at your service to offer a one-stop-shop experience.

Why Us?

We are professional

Our experienced team is passionate and proficient when planning events, big or small.

Why Us?

We go the extra mile

There are no limitations to what we can do for you to ensure your event stands out.

Why Us?

We ensure your event is a success

Redefine your next event experience by making the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre your venue of choice.

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