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Built on a massive 17-hectare site which is situated 1km from the CBD of the City of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre (ZIEC) is a modern multi-purpose facility whose reputation precedes it both locally and internationally. Known as the home of the nations largest annual trade exhibition, the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, the ZIEC is a versatile venue with facilities that boast six fully-equipped and serviced exhibition halls, hundreds of individual pavilions and open-air sites as well as an olympic size grass arena.



Conferences & Seminars

Amplify the impact of your conference with the ZIEC’s highly customizable indoor space. From high profile ceilings to portioned intimate spaces, we can create a conference hall of any size, utilize function rooms for break-away sessions and host distinguished guest in our dedicated VIP Lounge for an exclusive delegate experience like no other.


Corporate Events

Tailor the ZIEC’s unique venue for corporate events of any scale. Detached from the hustle and bustle of the Bulawayo CBD, the ZIEC tranquil location is ideal for intimate corporate events ranging from private product launches to strategic corporate meetings. This spacious venue is also versatile enough to be stylishly designed for the large-scale social events such as gala dinners, award ceremonies and even team building retreats.


Sporting Events

Up the ante in sporting event experiences by having the ZIEC host your sports tournaments. Past events have included everything from the hosting of the All Africa Games to basketball tournaments, cross-fit boot camps, athletic races and gymnastic competitions. Organizers can leverage the vast venue  to incorporate the race routes and race village in a single location. Athletes can compete in a refreshing venue and enjoy post-race amenities as supporters engage in fun fringe activities at the ZIEC.


Wedding & Lifestyle Events

Build on the inviting environment at the ZIEC and add a touch of imagination to ensure an engaging and unforgettable experience of your guests. our picturesque gardens, trees, lawns and floral borders provide an attractive setting all year round. From mega-concerts to drive-in movies and a myriad of events that celebrate life with style, ZIEC has the capacity to be transformed into a venue of limitless possibilities.

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