Zimbabwe International Trade Fair

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair

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Preparations for the 2023 edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair are underway. Contact coordinator2@zitf.co.zw today to make your booking today.

The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) is one of the largest intra-regional trade fairs in sub-Saharan Africa. The annual multi-national expo provides a convenient trade hub for the region, and welcomes both trade and public visitors.

The ZITF extends an invitation to the local, regional and international enterprises and corporates of all sizes within the business community, to participate in ZITF 2023.

Why take part?

Ready to gain global confidence and out-compete your peers on the global arena? Then take part in ZITF 2023 to access the following:

Get a bird’s eye view of the local and international competition in order to pivot according to emerging global market trends.

Learn more about mitigating supply chain and market risks for new products and services.

Organise strategic meetings with potential partners and clients outside the boardroom.

Build business connections through knowledge-sharing activities to understand the innovations and technological advancements needed to penetrate the global market.

Access a diverse range of platforms for brand visibility and recognition by multi-sectoral exhibitors and business visitors in one location.

Leverage the networking opportunities to build strategic and sustainable trade, investment and marketing partnerships.

Who can take part?

Give your business a competitive edge by taking part in #ZITF2023

The multi-sectoral exhibition targets the following sectors:
• Agriculture: value-addition, products and services
• Construction and infrastructure development
• Education, professional and entrepreneurial development
• Financial services
• Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
• Manufacturing
• Mining
• Printing and packaging
• Publishers: print and digital
• Renovation specialists and
• Tourism : Meetings,
Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE)

What if I am not sure what size of stand I will require?

Kindly contact our Sales executive via email on coordinator2@zitf.co.zw

What if I need help in setting up my stand?

Kindly contact our Sales executive via email on coordinator2@zitf.co.zw

Book for ZITF 2023 Today!

Do you desire to be a market leader? Are you launching a new product? Do you want to position yourself favorably against your competition? Achieve all these goals and many more by exhibiting in our exhibitions that are designed to suit your unique sectorial needs.

Register to Visit ZITF 2023

  • Identify new ideas and products
  • Identify new suppliers and meet existing ones
  • Place orders
  • Meet new contacts and build networks
  • Check out on competition

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Continuous Innovation, Global Competitiveness.” The theme is apt as it posits innovation as the driving force, which will push our society into the future where new ideas are increasingly becoming the currency of achieving success.

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