Event Consultancy

Event Consultancy

by DM

The Consultancy services offered

by The ZITF Company are threefold:

Establish a New Exhibition/ Upgrade an existing exhibition

Attachment and on-site facilitation

Training of Exhibitors


1. Establish a New Exhibition/ Upgrade an existing exhibition

In recent years an increase in the number of trade shows has contributed considerably towards growing economic activity and has become a platform for connecting buyers in the retail sector with new products and sources of supply. Trade Shows are in fact the number one cost-effective marketing tool for companies, ahead of advertising.

It is therefore essential to either develop a reputable existing trade fair, or a new trade expo, into a visible player on a regional and on the world market so that it can contribute substantially towards the economic and social development of a country, region or city.

ZITF, with its expertise on the African continent, is in a position to advise companies and organisations how to develop, organise effectively and target an exhibition to individual markets – both local and foreign, with strategies that work for the client and that are adapted to the specific needs of the client organisation.

2. Attachment and on-site facilitation

ZITF also trains foreign exhibition organisers in exhibition management in all its facets. This takes place part at the ZIEC, the home of ZITF, and at the foreign venue. All training is adapted and tailor-made to the prevailing circumstances and conditions of the country in which the exhibition is situated.

ZITF offers attachment places at ZIEC to Zimbabwe and foreign students in a variety of disciplines, from accounting to marketing and logistics.

3. Training of Exhibitors

With its 30-year experience in the organisation of Trade Exhibitions, ZITF is well qualified to organise training seminars and workshops for (potential) exhibitors to equip them to make maximum use of their participation in any Zimbabwe or foreign trade exhibition. Some of the topics that are covered:

  • Setting exhibition objectives
  • Pre-show promotional activities
  • Promotions and activities during the expo
  • What mistakes not to make as an Exhibitor
  • Budgeting for an exhibition
  • Selecting, training & motivating stand personnel
  • Follow up and processing of leads after the events

These training seminars and workshops can be held in Zimbabwe and abroad at a time to be agreed with ZITF Management.