Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

by DM

Our Vision

To contribute significantly to the transformation of Zimbabwe into an economically thriving nation that is respected throughout the world and seen as a preferred place for trade and investment in Africa.


To build the exhibitions and events industry, and serve as a business showcase and connecting point for Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and beyond.

Our Values

Professionalism, Teamwork, Passion, Innovation.

Quality Policy Statement

The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Company (ZITF Company) is in the Exhibitions and Events Industry and its vision is to contribute significantly to the transformation of Zimbabwe into an economically thriving nation that is respected throughout the world and seen as a preferred place for trade and investment in Africa.
Top management will achieve this through:

  • Consideration of context of the organisation and aligning the Quality Management System (QMS) with the strategic direction of ZITF Company.
  • Having greater accountability and involvement in the organisation’s management system.
  • Risk-Based Thinking and Opportunities Management in the Planning, Operation and Control of all processes.
  • Focusing on Quality Objectives and how to achieve them as well as review them for continued suitability.
  • Maintenance and Retention of documented information of all processes that are performed within ZITF Company as well as those performed by interested parties.

ZITF Company undertakes to:

  • Bring together a diverse audience to promote trade and investment in the country, offer stand building, venue hire and business consultancy services.
  • Achieve strong regional and international participation in business events as a means to grow the Africa market and strengthen perceptions of Zimbabwe as a place to do business.
  • Be seen by private businesses as a key platform for building their markets and empowering their success.
  • To achieve consistency in growth and sustainability.
  • To communicate this policy to all employees, and interested parties to ensure continued suitability.

Executive Leadership commits to satisfying applicable requirements, and shall review this quality policy during management review meetings for sustainability.


20 135 Total Number Exhibitors


72% Women in Leadership


987 340 Total Number of Visitors in 2016

Facts about ZITF

  • Did you know that close to a million people visit the ZITF every year?
  • The ZITF Company is a major economic player in Bulawayo alongside the likes of NRZ, Edgars, NTS among other companies.
  • The ZITF Company is the holding company that has other business units.

History of  ZITF

The ZITF Company was founded in 1986, as a non- profit, limited liability private company, the ZITF Company’s vision is to be the world’s first choice in offering innovative opportunities for social and business interaction.  The vision aligns with the company’s thrust to constantly reinvent itself with novel event management techniques to generate maximum benefit for our clients.

While traditionally formed to organise and host the multi-sectoral exhibition, Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, our product offering has evolved over the years to reflect the new demands of the exhibition industry.

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We combine in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in operations and economics to help our clients create sustainable, organic progress and help your businesses take the next step forward.

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond our clients and the commercial marketplace to our own company and the communities where we work.