Stella Nkomo

Stella Nkomo

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Marketing & PR Manager

Stella is a marketing and corporate communications specialist who is particularly passionate about creating dynamic corporate communications messages that build brands and develop partnerships. It is mostly through her initiatives that the ZITF Company has built and maintained a positive brand image.

Stella has extensive hands-on experience as a marketing and PR practitioner, having started off as a Marketing Officer at the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) in 2005. She then joined the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Company in 2006, as the Marketing and Corporate Communications Officer where her primary role was to present and manage a positive brand image for the company through the use of the media and marketing communication tools. In 2014, she was appointed to her current position with a mandate to establish, develop, manage and coordinate ZITF Company marketing, business development and public relations strategies and activities in line with the Company goals. Key to this mandate is, “delivering the very best customer experience, finding and answering our customers’ pain points every time they deal with us, so that they have no choice but to come to us all the time.”

Under her guidance, the ZITF 2014 marketing effort got international recognition from the global union of trade fairs, UFI. The company entered the UFI Marketing Award which focused on the use of Mobile Marketing in the exhibition industry. The company was one of the 4 finalists, alongside exhibition companies from China, Thailand and South Africa, focusing on the ZITF digital campaigns.

She was recognised as the Zimbabwe Institute of Management Customer Service Manager of the year in 2015.

On the academic side, Stella is a firm believer of the kaizen theory which places great emphasis on continuous improvement as evidenced by her recent achievement of being accorded the ZimChartered Marketer Status as well as graduating as the best student for the ZimChartered Class of 2016. She is a Master’s graduate from NUST.

Stella Nkomo
Marketing & PR Manager

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Crisis Management
  • Media Relations