Rosemarie Harrison

Rosemarie Harrison

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Space and Logistics Manager

Training and interaction with local and foreign specialists in exhibition management, as well as educational qualifications in organisational communication and marketing, foreign languages and  linguistics, bring a varied background to Rosemarie’s work at ZITF, where she has been Logistics and Space Manager for many years.

She specialises in space allocation, stand building, budgeting and coaching, at all times the professional motivational educator who is dedicated to the vision of bringing ZITF up to the highest possible international standards and increase its competitiveness. Training with prestigious exhibition organisers overseas and in the region, complemented with continued regular interaction with specialists in the field, has shaped Rosemarie’s quality and content of work. The exchange of ideas has been a constant enrichment and has honed her organisational skills.

Rosemarie has been part of the teams that have organised and managed most ZITF events since 1980.  She has also been involved in extensive consultancy as team leader in Botswana and co-Facilitator in Namibia on the establishment of new exhibitions and other expo-related matters – reflecting her determination to raise the ZITF profile in the exhibition sector in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa.

Negotiation skills and adaptability to new situations are some of Rosemarie’s skills that influence her decision making.  She is motivated in her work by achievers that remain ethical and compassionate human beings in the most difficult circumstances.

She also guides the teams that provide ICT, Stand Building and Venue Hire services at ZITF, encouraging them to be the innovative, coherent, knowledgeable and well-trained unit for which they have gained local and international respect.

Rosemarie balances work with her private life that is characterised by a deep respect and love for people and nature, an interest in global politics and ideas, the practice of psychotherapy, and an enjoyment of yoga, history and reading.

Rosemarie Harrison
Space and Logistics Manager

Areas of Expertise

  • Supply and Logistics
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources